Call us and make a direct (offline) purchase for a much cheaper deal
Call us and make a direct (offline) purchase for a much cheaper deal


  • Q: How do you ensure shipments will arrive intact?
  • A: All Tegnotech GPS shipments are packed and shipped in such a way as to ensure safe delivery, and we've chosen shippers with excellent track records.



  • Q: : If this tracker can work without a Sim card?
  • A: GPS Devices need GPRS network to upload real-time data to the tracking server it means you need to install a GSM enabled Sim card in the GPS Device.



  • Q: Will I need a professional installer?
  • A: GPS Tracker we are providing is easy to install and we are giving support for installation via our YouTube Channel Tegnotech GPS. So we request you to have a look & clear your doubts before make a purchase.



  • Q: How will i track GPS Tracking Device?
  • A: Our all GPS Tracking Devices comes with a Tracking Application 99gpslogin which has to be installed in the mobile from play-store. You will receive user name and password along with the user Manual in the BOX.



  • Q: Do i need to send SMS Commands to the device for Configuration?
  • A: Tegnotech GPS Devices comes pre-activated to work on world-wide used Tracking Platform 99gpslogin Application. You do not have to configure anything. You have to only install the device in your vehicle and login the account with provided user id & Password.